The Courthouse is just one of the venues in Otley where you can view Art exhibitions.

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Our exhibitions change every month:

December / Januarynatalie sadler

Natalie Sadler.

Prince Henry’s Grammar School art teacher Natalie will be displaying her paintings and textile work based upon organic forms.

I am fascinated by the natural world, it’s ambiguity and ability to keep revealing new secrets. I aim, in my work, to capture fragments of it’s ever changing beauty, it’s fluidity, subtle textures, microscopic detail, tranquility.
I draw inspiration from the local landscape, from the rocks, streams, grasses and plants that I see on walks. It is easy to get complacent about the beauty we live amongst.
In the same way, a simple crafted vase, jug, cup or bowl echoes a similar simplistic aesthetic; a feeling of calm, of balance and harmony. My still life work aims to reflect those feelings that can be felt even in something man-made.


Evelyn Friend


Sixth Form Students from Prince Henry’s Grammar School


Sue Kershaw: Mosaic art inspired by Roman art, geometry, literature and nature

In House Arts

We are a group of volunteers who curate and publicise exhibitions at the Otley Courthouse.

If you would like to submit your work for consideration for a future exhibition, please email In-House Arts at exhibitions@otleycourthouse.org.uk or call into Otley Courthouse to pick up an exhibition pack.

Cabinet displays

The cabinets in the foyer are available throughout the year for displaying arts and crafts.
For more information contact Lorain at info@uniquearts.co.uk or call 07828 141718.